About ARRC

Animal Rescue & Rehab Centre – ARRC in Crestholme, Durban is almost 8 years old. Shelley, our remarkable founder started the shelter for the feral cats that she was feeding at Albert Luthuli Central Hospital that were getting killed by the feral dogs and by the staff. She now has a farm full of rescued cats, some dogs, a pig and rescued chickens. In addition, she feeds and medicates feral cats in Durban after work each day.

The cats at the shelter have all been rescued as ferals, and all have their own sad stories to tell of being abused, burnt with boiling water, oil or acid, poisoned, caught in snares, knocked over by motor vehicles, shot, stabbed, savaged by dogs, rescued from storm drains, starved or some other hideous history. Each cat is inoculated and sterilised before coming into the shelter or after trauma recovery, and kittens are sterilised once they reach the required age.

A new beginning

Every cat has a name and each is loved with every fibre of Shelley’s being. She is selfless in all she does. The shelter has 2 large 1.5 acres “runs” which have lots of trees, bushes, sheds with double beds, wooden kennels with warm bedding & blankets, jungle gyms and lots of sheltered areas. There are no “cages” except for the 3 side “runs” which are enclosed at the top where newcomers get orientated. Many of the cats are “yard” cats that roam freely around the house and 7-acre property. 

The cats have a very healthy diet, and their daily food consists of 8kg raw, cubed pork kidneys, 5kg raw chicken necks, 8kg roasted, deboned chicken, 5kg of chicken livers, 1 kg of minced cooked ox lungs, 60 tins of cat food, 80-100 cat sachets for the special cases, + 15kg good quality dry food (Hills Optimum care, Royal Canin Ageing, Mom and Baby cat and Kitten, and Iams Multicat) per day and tins of Mom and Baby cat Mousse, Hills A/D, K/D and C/D and Royal Canin S/O for those with medical conditions.

The cats amaze Shelley every day and she learns something new from them all the time. There has been an awful lot of heartache along the way, the devastation when one passes or a rescue doesn’t end as it should. The life of a feral cat is a hard, miserable one, so Shelley’s main aim is to give the rescues the best life she can, and to show them that not all humankind is cruel. If one passes, at least I have tried to give them a second chance and they don’t die cold, hungry and unloved.

How you can help us

Running ARRC is no small task and it costs approximately R169 000 per month minimum to keep our doors open.

Fund Breakdown

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ARRC Costs

Our Back-a-Buddy Page

Funds can be donated into our back-a-buddy account by clicking the link below

Donate funds to our bank account

To contribute to the funds that go towards us staying open: 

Capitec Bank
Savings Account
A/C# 1468624979
Branch code: 47 00 10


Donate funds to our vet's bills

Our incredible vets at Montclair Animal Hospital take such amazing care of our cats that need medical care. To contribute to our humongous bill here: 

Montclair Animal Hospital
A/C# 62914436169
Ref. ARRC 677

Please send your proof of payment to pop@montclairvet.durban or 0828793383 – the cats name being treated can also be used

Our Costings Spreadsheet

Take a look at our full comprehensive costings spreadsheet for insight into our daily needs

Visit Us

All the cats at ARRC absolute love when visitors come – they can’t get enough of all the head scratches, cat nip licks and belly rubs.

We are open on Sundays from 11 am for all visitors, new and old.

Our regulars are welcome anytime – just be sure to let us know you’ll be coming!

Please fill in the form below to visit the kitties of ARRC.


Shelley and the adorable cats of ARRC welcome volunteers with open arms.

From 6 pm every evening there are hundreds of cats not only at ARRC but all over Durban that need help being fed, medicated, and sometimes trapped for medical care. Our runs also often need extra maintenance and care.

Please fill in the form below to become an ARRC HERO.